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Louis Sachs grew up and directly worked for over 20 years in a family run wood craft business that started in the early 1970ís. We made shelves, benches, sconces, end tables, candle bases, paper towel racks and many other crafts. After my fatherís retirement, I decided to go in other directions. Having been around a woodworking atmosphere for so long, you can say I was struck with the inspiration to recreate woodworking as a serious passion and hobby. Watching the DIY network one night, I was completely astonished when a segment came on about turning bowls on a lathe. I just so happened to have some older wood craft machinery left over, so I decided to give this a try. With 1 try, I became obsessed and had to run out and invest in my first adjustable chuck. One thing led to another and my third bowl was a maple and walnut segmented piece. My seventh bowl sold at a friendís establishment within 3 hours of dropping it off for display. My life as I know it has turned into an obsession with bowls. I am now known as the BOWL MAN! I am mild mannered Louis during the day, but after work and on weekends I turn into a mad man creating works of art like salad bowls and cutting boards. I cannot stop the ideas from flowing. Turning bowls on a lathe is my preferred form of meditation. There is something to be said for taking a section of tree and turning it into a work of art! Most people look at a tree and donít really think about it. I look at a tree and visualize natural edge bowls with moss growing on the bark.

In closing, I am fortunate to have many supportive friends that proudly display my work in and around the Henderson, NC area.
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